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Kids might not always appreciate their braces, in fact, they may hate them. After all, having a bunch of wires cemented to your teeth can make anyone self-conscious. Of course, your kids’ teeth will look great later in life, but what about now?

However, for kids who don’t like their braces, looking to the future just might help. Everybody needs to have something to look forward to after all. Remind your kids about how the braces are straightening and properly spacing their teeth so they will have the best smile ever.

Another good way to help your kids appreciate their braces is to bring to light the health benefits of orthodontia. Let them know that having braces not only straightens their pearly whites, but prevents gum disease, jaw problems, and tooth decay, loss, and wear.

Finally, giving you kids the opportunity to personalize their braces with colors helps them feel in control of the situation. Whether they want to do red, white, and blue braces or no color at all, giving kids the freedom to choose will help them feel better about orthodontia as a whole.