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Kids often get teased for having braces. Though enduring such teasing isn’t easy, the benefits of having braces are numerous.

  1. Better Bite: One of the main reasons people need braces is because of malocclusion (an uneven bite). Having orthodontia align your teeth and jaw fixes your bite.
  2. Straight Smile: Malocclusion is often caused by crowded or crooked teeth. Straightening your teeth not only fixes your bite, but makes your smile look nice too.
  3. Dental Health: by fixing an abnormal bite, orthodontia prevents several dental health problems such as gum disease, jaw problems, and tooth wear, decay, and loss.
  4. Chewing and Speech: One of the problems with malocclusion is that it can affect how you chew your food and even how you speak. Braces prevent problems in both of these areas.
  5. Good Diet: Orthodontists often recommend avoiding sugary foods when wearing orthodontia because plaque can build around the braces’ brackets, causing damage and discoloration. Though kids might not appreciate the need to avoid sugary, sticky foods, it is beneficial to their dental health and overall health.
  6. Better Braces: Today, braces are better than ever. They are more comfortable and there are several types of braces available, including clear, removable aligners if malocclusion isn’t too severe.