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Braces are successful and dependable appliances that gradually change your smile throughout time. However, braces can be a little inconvenient and bothersome at times, especially while eating food, and we are here to help you make eating with braces much easier!

Throughout your treatment, there is a list of foods we ask you to avoid. If you refrain from eating these foods, your braces will remain in tip-top shape and you will not need to worry about broken braces or oral pain. Please do not eat the following foods when you have braces:

• Popcorn
• Chunky peanut butter
• Nuts
• Caramel
• Gooey chocolate bars
• Gum
• Hard candy, like jaw breakers and jolly ranchers
• Chewy candy, like taffy or gummy bears
• Pretzels
• Corn chips
• Hard crackers or cookies
• Ice

We also ask you to be cautious while eating the following foods. If you cut these foods into small pieces before eating them, your braces will remain in good condition and you will not experience any pain or soreness:

• Raw vegetables
• Apples
• Pears
• Burgers
• Corn on the cob
• Pizza
• Chewy bread, especially French/Italian bread
• Meat

Now, it may seem as though there are hardly any foods you can eat with braces, but that is simply not true. The following list contains foods you are more than welcome to eat while you proceed throughout your treatment with braces:

• Hulless popcorn
• Cheese
• Yogurt
• Mashed potatoes
• Bananas
• Creamy peanut butter and jelly
• Soup
• Soft pasta, especially ravioli, spaghetti, and macaroni and cheese
• Melons
• Soft crackers
• Soft cookies

For more information and details regarding the best and worst foods to eat while you have braces, please give our orthodontic office a call and talk to a member of our friendly team. We look forward to hearing from you!