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Overcoming crooked teeth is no easy task. Crooked teeth may be damaged or broken at an early age for a variety of reasons to give them the wrong positions in your mouth. In many cases, however, there is no direct cause for why your teeth are crooked, and instead, they simply grew in incorrect. Listed below are tips to overcoming crooked teeth with braces:

– Studies have shown that straight teeth are easier to brush and floss and less likely to suffer from tooth decay and gum disease.
– Normal skills such as eating, speaking and chewing food are easier to accomplish with a smile straightened by braces.
– Braces are tremendously effective at repairing your smile and improving your self-esteem and overall self-worth with a straighter smile to cherish for years to come.
– Braces can help remove malocclusions that exist with your teeth that can often contribute to oral accidents such as random chips and cracks.
– Braces can straighten teeth and lower the risk of dental damage associated with bruxism or TMJ disorders.

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