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Do you know how your braces perform the work of aligning your teeth? Braces, with the help of wires and brackets, and bands exert gentle, gradual and constant pressure to shift your teeth into the correct position over time. This is called ‘bone remodeling’. You can tell your teeth are moving because you notice the pressure the braces exert on them.

When you come into our office for regular adjustments, our Orthodontist will evaluate your progress and adjust your archwires to maintain just the right amount of pressure on your teeth. Your adjustments are typically scheduled approximately six weeks apart to allow enough time for your teeth to shift steadily and for the bone to remodel and adapt to the new position.

What is bone remodeling? Beneath the gum line, your teeth reside in the jaw bone. They are surrounded by a small space of gum tissue called the periodontal ligament. These are elastic fibers connecting your teeth to the bone in the jaw around them.

When the wires and brackets press your teeth, the periodontal ligament (gum tissue) is also compressed on both sides of the tooth roots, causing the tooth to loosen. This affects the alveolar bone in the jaw, which grows by creating new bone on one side and removing bone (resorption), on the other side to support the tooth in its new position as the shifting occurs.

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