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Malocclusion, or a “bad bite”, can be caused by a number of dental issues and mechanical, genetic, and environmental factors. But one of the biggest factors in simple crowding and over-spacing of the teeth. Surprisingly, this is more common in adults rather than children. 21% of adults face spacing issues, and 38% of adults have crowded teeth. And unlike in children and teens, traditional orthodontics may take longer and have more adverse side effects in adult patients. But there are other options.

For some adults and teens, Invisalign® products and treatments may provide a solution for malocclusion, as well as tooth crowding and spacing. Invisalign appliances are custom-fitted through a series of 3-D images taken by your Orthodontist. With incremental adjustments, these liners adjust patient’s teeth and bite, treating malocclusion and thereby relieving jaw discomfort and tooth pain caused by the disorder. And with Invisalign’s clear appliances, the process is far more discreet than bulky, metallic braces.

In our practice in College Park, Maryland, Invisalign products are customized for the patient. Dr. Christopher Liang is trained to fit the appliances to each patient’s teeth. Phone Straight Smile at 301-841-9348 to schedule an Invisalign consultation and see what we can do to relieve your malocclusion symptoms.