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Your child’s oral structure gradually changes as they grow. This happens as their 32 permanent teeth replace the 20 primary teeth. Sometimes genetics, pediatric tooth loss and other factors can cause two or more teeth to emerge too far apart . This problem may also cause an alignment issue in your child’s bite pattern. In a case like this, you should set up a consultation appointment with our orthodontist, Dr. Christopher Liang. After assessing the severity of the gap, or diastema he can help you understand the treatment options.

One option may be using traditional braces to help move your child’s teeth into the proper alignment. Sometimes, the growth of your child’s mouth will also help to minimize the spacing and maximize the effect of the orthodontic realignment provided by their braces. Upon completion of the realignment process Dr. Christopher Liang will provide your child with a retainer. This could come in the form of a removable Hawley retainer or a fixed retainer that is placed behind the the teeth. The retainer holds the corrected teeth in place a they settle into their new positions.

If you live in the College Park, Maryland, area and your son or daughter has a significant gap between two or more of their teeth, you should call 301-841-9348 to set up a consultation at Straight Smile.