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The second phase of orthodontic care is the placement of an orthodontic retainer to maintain your new tooth alignment while there is lingering tension in the jaw and periodontal ligaments that could cause the dental alignment to relapse. Our friendly team is on hand if you have questions about caring for your retainer, and we offer a few general recommendations below.

Unlike braces, which are permanent fixtures attached to your teeth, orthodontic retainers can be removable. Because they do require a significant amount of time in your smile, retainers need to receive proper care to prevent any bends or breaks that could damage your retainer appliance.

At Straight Smile, you can receive a custom-made Hawley retainer that uses interlocking wires to attach to your smile and secure your tooth alignment. Remember to keep the retainer in its case between uses and cleanings so that it isn’t broken or misplaced, and it’s important to have the case on hand whenever you leave your house. Your retainer should be cleaned twice a day with a non-abrasive toothpaste and soft-bristled toothbrush so that any lingering plaque is removed and your teeth are not at a heightened risk of tooth decay.

Please contact Straight Smile at 301-841-9348 today and arrange a visit with our orthodontists, Dr. Donald Liang and Dr. Christopher Liang, if you have questions about your orthodontic retainer in College Park, Maryland.