Braces Might Help Minimize Gapped Teeth

Your child’s oral structure gradually changes as they grow. This happens as their 32 permanent teeth replace the 20 primary teeth. Sometimes genetics, pediatric tooth loss and other factors can cause two or more teeth to emerge too far apart . This problem may also cause an alignment issue in your child’s bite pattern. In… Read more »

Cure Your “Bad Bite” with Invisalign®

Malocclusion, or a “bad bite”, can be caused by a number of dental issues and mechanical, genetic, and environmental factors. But one of the biggest factors in simple crowding and over-spacing of the teeth. Surprisingly, this is more common in adults rather than children. 21% of adults face spacing issues, and 38% of adults have… Read more »

Good Gum Health Is Important for the Realignment Process

The orthodontic braces that are installed in your mouth at represent a significant investment in correcting the alignment of your teeth. This alignment process involves attending regular adjustment appointments at our practice. Each of your adjustment sessions is designed to gradually stretch the periodontal connective tissues that anchor your teeth into your gums. By consistently… Read more »

The New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make for Your Braces

Instead of making the same old “Lose weight” and “Exercise more” resolutions this year, try making resolutions for your braces. That’s right—you can make resolutions for your braces! Our s, Drs. Liang and Liang, encourages this so you can have a more effective and even successful orthodontic journey. Some resolutions you can make for your… Read more »

Braces: How Bone Remodeling Works

Do you know how your braces perform the work of aligning your teeth? Braces, with the help of wires and brackets, and bands exert gentle, gradual and constant pressure to shift your teeth into the correct position over time. This is called ‘bone remodeling’. You can tell your teeth are moving because you notice the… Read more »

Why Flossing is Important When You Have Braces

Do you ever wonder why flossing is important when you have braces? If so, you have come to the right blog. Our orthodontic team is happy to help you know why it’s vital to floss regularly (after each time you eat if possible) when you have braces. Those reasons are because: Flossing helps you prevent… Read more »

Malocclusions: Causes and Treatments

If you are considering orthodontic treatment at Straight Smile in College Park, Maryland, it may be because you have a malocclusion. What is that? A malocclusion refers to any misalignment of the teeth or jaw. Classic examples include overbites, underbites, cross bites and open bites. What is the cause of a malocclusion? Scientists have evaluated… Read more »

Dealing with Broken Braces

Your braces are going to be a part of your life for a while. And they are doing the important job of moving your teeth into better and healthier positions. To do that, you need to keep them clean by brushing and flossing 30 minutes after each meal. You also need to protect them by… Read more »

Holiday Food for Adults With Braces

The holidays are just around the corner and with them come parties, friends, and food. But as an adult with orthodontia, holiday food can be hard. There are a lot of things you have eaten your whole life during the holidays, that you suddenly you cannot have! But, being a responsible adult, you understand that… Read more »

An Overbite or Underbite Can Often Be Corrected by Traditional Braces

If your child has an overbite or underbite issue it can do more than simply leave them with an unattractive smile. As time goes by, the improper connection between the teeth in their bite pattern can start to wear away tooth enamel leading to dental attrition and dental fractures. Fortunately, a professional orthodontist like Dr…. Read more »