Maintaining Your Braces

Your orthodontist has put your braces in place, and has set up your next appointment. Your new braces will be with your for some time. It may be a matter of months or even one or two years. Over that time, your orthodontist will examine and adjust your braces to make sure that they are… Read more »

Invisalign® and Its Effect on Your Oral Health

It is impossible to accept that your teeth will be able to straighten themselves with brushing and flossing routines only, but fortunately, there are some orthodontic procedures available that do function to accomplish this daunting task. One such type of orthodontic treatment is with the Invisalign® clear aligner system. Invisalign aligners have no metal in… Read more »

What You Should, and Should Not Eat When You Have Braces

Even though your braces are strong enough to move your teeth, they are not quite strong enough to handle the pressure from certain foods. This means you need to be careful when eating. If you’re not, there is a chance your appliances can get damaged and your treatment results can be delayed. So, please follow… Read more »

What Is a Malocclusion and What Are the Different Types?

A malocclusion is a form of bad bites that is caused by misalignments within your teeth and jaw. Most malocclusions are treatable with orthodontic care. The different types of common malocclusions are as follows: – Misplaced midlines are malocclusions that occur when the center of your upper and lower teeth do not connect. – Crossbites… Read more »

Overcoming Crooked Teeth with Braces

Overcoming crooked teeth is no easy task. Crooked teeth may be damaged or broken at an early age for a variety of reasons to give them the wrong positions in your mouth. In many cases, however, there is no direct cause for why your teeth are crooked, and instead, they simply grew in incorrect. Listed… Read more »

Don’t Let Malocclusions Wreck Your Otherwise Perfect Smile

Don’t let malocclusions wreck your otherwise perfect smile. A malocclusion, also called a bad bite, is the consequence of an irregularity or abnormality in your smile that has resulted in some form of misalignment with your teeth. Oftentimes, malocclusions take place in the incisors, but crooked teeth can appear anywhere, and can even be caused… Read more »

Are Your Teeth Safe from the Dangers of Bruxism?

Are your teeth safe from the dangers of bruxism? Although bruxism is fairly common, it often goes undetected for long periods of time due to the difficulty of spotting its signs and symptoms. If you do have bruxism, which is often referred to as teeth grinding, your teeth and oral health could be at risk…. Read more »

Have You Ever Thought about Trying Invisalign®?

Have you ever thought about trying Invisalign®? With the Invisalign orthodontic clear aligner system, you can achieve a full smile makeover. Not only do they work to straighten your teeth, but they also improve your oral hygiene and lessen your risk for oral injuries, all the while giving you the look of your natural smile… Read more »

What Is the Condition of Your Braces?

What is the condition of your braces? Have you been cleaning them and your teeth? When implementing your brushing and flossing routine while wearing braces, exercise caution and brush slowly and safety to avoid accidentally breaking them. Because flossing can be difficult with braces, it may be necessary to add an extra level of treatment… Read more »

Speed Up Treatment with AcceleDent®

Orthodontic treatment can make a huge difference for the health and beauty of your smile. However, traditional orthodontics usually takes a couple of years. Luckily, there are quicker options. New techniques called “accelerated orthodontics” have the same goal as traditional orthodontic treatment, but accomplish these goals in a shorter period of time. If you would… Read more »