What Is the Condition of Your Braces?

What is the condition of your braces? Have you been cleaning them and your teeth? When implementing your brushing and flossing routine while wearing braces, exercise caution and brush slowly and safety to avoid accidentally breaking them. Because flossing can be difficult with braces, it may be necessary to add an extra level of treatment… Read more »

Speed Up Treatment with AcceleDent®

Orthodontic treatment can make a huge difference for the health and beauty of your smile. However, traditional orthodontics usually takes a couple of years. Luckily, there are quicker options. New techniques called “accelerated orthodontics” have the same goal as traditional orthodontic treatment, but accomplish these goals in a shorter period of time. If you would… Read more »

The Bad Habits that Can Harm Your Orthodontic Appliance

If you want your smile-transformation process to go as smoothly as possible, then it’s important to keep your braces in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, there are habits that can harm and even break your appliance. It’s best to avoid those habits as much as possible. Those habits are: –Forgetting to brush, floss, and rinse: Oral hygiene… Read more »

The Many Types of Braces

One of the most common dental treatments can have a life-changing effect on the lives of the people who elect to have it done. One of the most common treatments, dental braces are such a commodity because of the wide variety of oral problems they can and do fix, especially in children. The primary function… Read more »

Frequently Asked Questions About Aligning Your Smile

Because orthodontic treatment can be confusing and overwhelming, many people have many questions about aligning their smiles. If you’re one of these people, our orthodontic team is more than happy to help you. To give you the information you’re looking for, we are happy to provide the answers to the following frequently asked questions about orthodontic treatment… Read more »

Brace Your Teeth

If your teeth are crooked or if you have a misaligned bite, Drs. Liang and Liang may recommend braces in , . An orthodontic exam will be performed and our orthodontists will take impressions of your teeth, take photos of your teeth and face, and take X-rays of your mouth and head. Your treatment plan… Read more »

Ceramic Braces Can Make Braces More Appealing

Braces are made from metal brackets, wires, and other various pieces of orthodontic hardware. They are installed into your mouth to gradually realign your teeth by applying progressive tension to the periodontal ligaments that are anchoring each tooth in its socket. Some people feel apprehensive about having braces visible in their smile. One simple way… Read more »

Do You Suffer from a Bad Bite?

Do you suffer from a bad bite? Are your teeth crooked or misaligned? If so, orthodontic treatment options are available at . You smile is our main concern, and no matter what ailment you may have, we will do our best to customize a plan for you to bring out your best smile. Are you… Read more »

You Will Need to Routinely Use a Retainer After Your Braces Have Been Removed

The braces installed onto your teeth by your orthodontist, Dr. , have gradually altered the positions and alignment of your teeth to give you a better functioning mouth and a more appealing smile. This is done by gradually applying progressive tension to the braces hardware during your routine adjustment sessions. Even after your braces have… Read more »

Invisalign® Can Improve Minor Alignment Issues in Your Smile

Alignment, overcrowding or overbite issues in your smile can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. If your smile only needs a modest amount of realignment, your orthodontist, Dr. , can fit you for Invisalign® to improve your smile in a brief amount of time. The process starts with Dr. performing a thorough examination of… Read more »