5 Quick Tips to Solving your Problems with Braces

Are you experiencing inconvenient and uncomfortable orthodontic problems? If so, your orthodontist recommends doing the following things to relieve your pain and have the comfort you deserve: 1. Broken bracket: If you have a bracket that can slide back and forth on the wire, it is broken. If you have an orthodontic appointment soon and… Read more »

7 Things Your Orthodontist Wants to Tell You

Have you ever wondered what your orthodontist is REALLY thinking when he or she tells you “your teeth are looking great”? Here are seven things that orthodontists generally wish they could say to their patients every time they visit: 1. “It’s not as expensive as you think.” – Most parents dread the cost of braces… Read more »

Think You’re too Old for Braces? Think Again.

Braces used to be just for children, but that notion is now long gone. People of all ages are embracing the benefits of braces, and now you can too. There are many benefits to getting braces and, in some ways, adults may appreciate the results more than children. It’s no wonder that adult braces are… Read more »

How To Brush And Floss When You Have Braces

Lots of things change when you get braces: the foods you eat, how your teeth look, and your oral health routines. Brushing and flossing is still a must, but you may wonder how on earth you are supposed to slide floss between your teeth when there is a wire in the way. Here are some… Read more »

6 Benefits of Braces

Kids often get teased for having braces. Though enduring such teasing isn’t easy, the benefits of having braces are numerous. Better Bite: One of the main reasons people need braces is because of malocclusion (an uneven bite). Having orthodontia align your teeth and jaw fixes your bite. Straight Smile: Malocclusion is often caused by crowded… Read more »

Kids, Orthodontia, and Self Esteem

Kids might not always appreciate their braces, in fact, they may hate them. After all, having a bunch of wires cemented to your teeth can make anyone self-conscious. Of course, your kids’ teeth will look great later in life, but what about now? However, for kids who don’t like their braces, looking to the future… Read more »